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The brand-new Geometry Dash Meltdown game comes with more spikes and monsters you can imagine. This Arcade game allows you flex your fingers when you jump, fly and flip your way through obstacles and caverns. Geometry Dash Meltdown provides three significant levels along with music from F-777.

Users can challenge themselves and improve skills by playing practice mode. Customize your character by unlocking individual meltdown icons and colors. Enjoy yourself with the rhythm-based action game. There will be more levels next. Keep attention with RubRub and we promise a better game experience!

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Features Review

Geometry Dash Meltdown is the sequent version of the Geometry Dash. The methods of how to play this game don't have so big changes. Players can also use the same method of playing the game, run with the rhythm by controlling the dice. Compared with the prior games, its image quality has been improved and there exists better design of the level.


◆ This game is rhythm-based.

◆ More levels for players to challenge.

◆ Adding different tools makes the game more interesting.

◆ Unlock the difficult levels and upgrade yourself.

This version is similar to the prior versions. Players need to jump through a variety of various obstacles with the rhythm. There will be more unexpected new traps added in this game, such as the image reversal. Meanwhile, players can also design the levels freely and share those levels on the internet and play with other players.

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