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As Nintendo's first real foray into the mobile game market, Super Mario Run lets you controls Mario, an automatic runner, to jump, collect coins, clear small gaps, and other actions by utilizing some simple touches. The game was released for iOS in late 2016 and Android in March 2017.

Aims at making mobile users enjoy the fun of this classic video game to the maximum extent, Super Mario Run has to strip away a core part of the original formula while manages to preserve the magic of a Mario game in the meantime. In this mobile version, Mario runs along automatically, leaving players only in charge of his springy leap. The game has three modes and gives you a short-time free try before asking you to pay for unlocking the following games.

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Features Review

Three Play Modes

World Tour Mode

The world tour mode makes Mario run and jump through 24 levels spread across six worlds. Each stage has some special coins, and by collecting all of the special coins, the new set of coins will be unlocked with new obstacles. The essence of this mode is coin hunt, and since there's no running count of lives, you can try all the levels as many times as you need to.

Toad Rally Mode

In toad rally mode, you'll race against another player's ghost to earn the most coins in timed stages built from the tour mode. The top priority here is collecting coins and paying special attention to Super Stars which basically decides the winner and loser. If you win, you'll earn a bunch of Toads for your Kingdom; otherwise, you'll lose some of your Toads.

Build the Kingdom Mode

Build the Kingdom mode is simply a city-building game which lets you build your own Mushroom Kingdom. Some buildings give you special bonuses, and some special buildings will unlock new characters for you to play as.


The game can be installed and played for a while for free. If you want the full access to the all the game content, you'll have to make a one-off in-app payment. It will cost you $9.99 in the US.

For Mario fans, Super Mario Run is a great mobile game that makes necessary formula changes for the purpose of sticking to the original flavor.

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