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Subway Surfers is a good casual puzzle mobile game released by Kiloo Games in October 2012. This game is more classic than Temple Run. The image of the game is beautiful, colorful and delicate, which makes people feel comfortable. It works smooth when playing this game.

One boy acts as the hero who escapes from the police and his dog through simple upward, downward slide, left and right paddle to avoid obstacles and the oncoming train. This game is easy to operate and learn. You need to run as far as possible once you begin this game.

Most fascinating part is, this game allows you play with your friends. The game is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

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  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
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  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

There are many different props for the game Subway Surfers. Today we will introduce you the props of Coin Magnet, Jet Pack, 2X Multiplier and Hoverboard.

❍ Coin Magnet

Players can collect all the gold coins in the valid time for the prop once you get the Coin Magnet.

❍ Jetpack

Players fly in the sky without coming across the train and obstackles in the valid time of the Jetpack.

❍ 2 x Multiplier

In the valid time of the prop, players can obtain twice the multiples of the original score once they collect a gold coin.

❍ Hoverboard

In the process of this game, players can get the hoverboard if they click twice on the screen and you will have two lives in the valid time of the hoverboard.


● Stylish Sprint

Players need to avoid the oncoming train.This game helps senior, skilled and inexperienced new players avoid grumpy inspector and the check of the bulldog.

● Decorating the train

You can enjoying surfing on the train and decorating the train with your friend to make it more interesting and vivid.

● Lightning fast speed

Challenge and help your teammate to join the most adventurous chasing game. You can enjoy the lightning fast speed in this game.

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