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Right after the Plants vs. Zombies series and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare series, here we welcome the whole new Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes. It's a collectible card game where players can choose and collect from various heroes with their respective superpowers and build your dream team to win battles.

Unlike many other CCGs that follow the old pattern, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes puts a lot of fresh ideas into the gameplay while retaining the unique aesthetic of the PvZ franchise. It's probably the first time on mobile, players get the chance to play as either plants or zombies and unlock the characters and superpowers one by one. There's an even more surprise thing - the two sides don’t play the same game pattern!

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Features Review


There are ten hero characters on each side with four superpowers and two different teams of cards from which 40 cards each is brought into every duel. The cards consist of almost all the kinds of plant and zombie players have ever seen before in the former series. New and better cards can be purchased or earned by constant progressing to higher levels.

The battle board has five lanes, and the Plants and Zombies played in the same lanes fighting each other at the end of a turn. Your only goal is to reduce the damage opposed to the hero to a minimum extent just like in the previous games.

The trick that makes something stand out is always lying in details. IN this case, it's the presentation of design and ideas. I think everyone will feel pleasant about the excellent choice of jazzy music, the superhero comic book animations whenever special power comes to use, and the cartoony graphics. The last but not the least, you won't have to tolerate a bucket of ads when you have perfectly immersed yourself in the fighting.

What's New

• It's now available in every country.

• Faster multiplayer matchmaking.

• Larger Premium Packs with three more cards in each pack.

• See the card sets in advance before buying packs .

• Rename each of your decks.

• Recycle all extra cards by a single tap.

• Collection views to see which decks have new cards available.

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