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PIP camera is most noteworthy for its PIP function, which is short for Pic-in-Pic. You can choose a photo from camera roll or just take a photo shoot to edit.

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Features Review

The app can focus on a particular section and blur spare background. You can choose several different frames such as bottles, light bulbs, foam or Apple devices to help you complete image processing. The central part of your photo will appear in the frames while PIP Camera would automatically obscure the rest.

Besides frames and particular scenes, users can also use filters such as sketches, watercolors, lomo and other general effects. Processed pictures can be saved to camera roll or shared with your friends via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

PIP Camera Features:

❍ 1. Import photos from the gallery or take a snap form camera.

❍ 2. Tons of photo-in-photo frames for you to choose, like glass, hand, camera, board and more.

❍ 3. Blur photo in photo automatically.

❍ 4. More than 200 collage frames.

❍ 5. Over 20 filters to decorate your photos.

❍ 6. Easily share your photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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