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Photo Grid - the best mobile application for photo collage maker. Users can combine multiple photos together with kinds of layouts and beautiful filters.

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Features Review

You can also tag your own waterprint on the pictures. It also offers various frames and supports multiple languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. You can share the photo via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.

Photo Grid offers editing modes like photo editor, scrapbook, video slides, template, and filmstrip, with these functions you can make your photo totally fascinating and fashionable. The image can be exported at high resolution with both .jpg and .png format.

And if you want to add something more interesting to the photo, there are also plenty of great stickers to choose. Text can also be added. Photo Grid is both fun and easy to use, download now and enjoy this remarkable app.

Photo Grid:

❍ Grid

Combine photos with funny layouts easily and creativly.

❍ Square Fit & Blur

Edit and post your photo in a fast and simple way.

❍ Photo in Photo

Provide photo-in-photo mode, a kind of fantastic selfie style.

❍ Video Slides

Create s piece of video with music.

❍ Scrapbook & Photo Editor

Be creative and use your imagination with the app.

❍ Community

Discover popular photos and users, and make some new friends.

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