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Musixmatch - Lyrics & Music is world's largest lyrics catalog, which provides you lyrics for any songs. Users can enjoy lyrics everywhere. It has been listed among the best apps 2015 on Google Play store.

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1954 votes

Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

This application is a must have app for people who love music. People can also find the song they like through the lyrics. Come and enjoy the music now!


◆ With Chromecast application, users can cast songs and lyrics from Musixmatch to TV.

◆ Sleep timer and Equalizer are also the prominent features of this application.

◆ Musixmatch is available for both Android and iOS systems.

◆ It creates Lyrics quote with the LyricsCard.

Why is it so popular?

1. You can listen to the songs in your music library with lyrics.

2. Listen to whatever you like using this application.

3. It has the function to store your favorite songs and lyrics.

4. Get the lyrics you want instantly when you play the song.

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