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Gumtree lets you buy and sell nearly everything covering clothes, electronic products, cars, furniture, properties, and jobs in your local area. Users can find many great deals by browsing local ads right from their mobile devices.

Gumtree makes it easier for you to clear space in your house and earn some extra money by posting ads and selling your unwanted items. With Gumtree installed on your phone, it would be like having a virtual garage sale in a larger neighborhood. Instead of moving and displaying everything in the marketplace, all you need to do is taking some pictures of your items and posting them to the app. Gumtree now is available both for Android and iOS users.

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  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review


✤ Find thousands of items with quality photos and detailed descriptions across different categories in your local area including clothes, electronic products,cars, furniture, job opportunities and so on. All it takes is a few taps on your phone anywhere anytime.

✤ Users can communicate with the buyer or the seller right through the app which is more convenient and safe with less need of worrying being tricked.

✤ By taking some pictures and editing product descriptions of your items, you can post local ads to the app. Interested buyers will see your posts and send you messages for further information.

✤ The app also enables you to save your intentional ads to your favorites if you haven’t decided whether to buy it or not. Moreover, local items can be synced with the website for in-app notifications, so you never miss great deals and intentional items.

✤ It allows you to share your ads on Twitter, Facebook, and other social network platforms to get more attention and interested buyers in your items. You can also choose to email or message your ads links to your friends.


In 2014, Gumtree was once reported to be used by criminals to steal millions of pounds from its registered consumers. There was about 250 crime and fraud allegations a week concerned Gumtree, some of which involve severe thefts and assault.It's a handy app for people to sell and buy things quickly, but both users and the app developers should pay more attention to security issues.

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