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Developed by Go Dev Team X, Flashlight provides the brightest and simplest flashlight for Android device by turning on the flash next to the rear camera. With Flashlight installed on your phone, your phone will turn into a beacon of light in the darkness.

Like other similar mobile light apps, Flashlight uses your flash as a flashlight. Apart from providing light in dark, the app also give flashing LED when you receive calls and messages. By far, Flashlight remains only available on Android devices.

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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review


☀ Flashlight provides you a torchlight in dark, so you can perform your tasks conveniently.

☀ The app also give flashing LED when you recevie calls and messages.

☀ If you find the app too bright or you don't need a stong LED, you can shake to swithch to Light LED.

☀ Flashlight has a very cool Call-Screen Light which you might find interesting.

☀ There's a strobe or blinking mode for users to use.

What can you do with Flashlight:

● If the garage or lobby goes light out, Flashlight saves you from the trouble of groping your keys in darkness by a simple touch.

● When your phone is accidentally swicthed to silent mode, the flashing LED feature will help you to notice phone calls or messages, so you will never miss important calls.

● If something is broken or dropped in the dark corner, the strong flashlight can be very helpful for you to repair or pick up them.

● When you go camping and hiking, falshligh can light the way for you to avoid possible danger.

● If something goes wrong on roadside at night, the flashlight can make yourself visible which is easy for you to ask for help from passerby.

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