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Developed by Hipster Whale, Crossy Road is a mobile action game launched on November 20, 2014. In this game, players have to run as far as possible to cross the roads, rivers and other obstacles.

If players cannot pass these obstacles smoothly without dying, the game will be over. Players need to be clear where is safe to go and how they can pass the obstacles smoothly in advance.

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Features Review


◉ 1. Look ahead in front of you, do not focus on your character.

◉ 2. Tap the screen behind your character in a way that will not affect your view.

◉ 3. Sometimes backtrack and turn around for a better opportunity.

◉ 4. Slide swipe the opposite direction of a particular lane to save time.

◉ 5. Jump instantly after the car or trunk passes to ensure you can have the most time to get to the next lane.

◉ 6. Don't get too obsessed with coins.

◉ 7. Seize the opportunities for sprints to get higher scores.

◉ 8. Pay attention to how the river flows and cross towards a side as quickly as you can.

◉ 9. Discover specific patterns when in crossing sections.

◉ 10. There's no need to spend real money on Crossy Road.

Crossy Road is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone system. This game can make people calm, and it is suitable for both adults and children. One important element is the coins. Players have chances to earn coins via free gifts. Have fun enjoying the game.

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