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BBC is short for British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC News is responsible for reporting news and affairs all around the world.

The new version provides a better look, greater customization and more content to read. Users can get enough news they want to know. BBC News brings you the latest and breaking news all over the world on the Top Stories section.

The part of My News allows you to personalize your interesting stories. And you can also manage topics you care about. Push the notifications for breaking news so that you will not miss any of current affairs. Download it now and get ready to read about all the news happened in the whole world.

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Features Review

BBC News app now offers the latest breaking news of BBC and global events and social news.

Key Features:

★ Top Stories: Get the newest breaking news from our journalists in global network.

★ My News: Brand new feature introduced for you to customize your news offering. You can order and manage the stories by time or topic.

★ Find content fast: With the Topic Search, you can find great topics based on your location and stories you’ve read.

★ Most Read / Most Watched: Keep you pace with what happens across the BBC and all over the world.

★ Live BBC News Channel: Listen to up-to-the-minutes reports of 24-hours news day by day.

★ Push notifications; Share stories; Homescreen widgets; and more.

BBC News also offer the BBC Channel streamed live, so you can enjoy kinds of events, news and share them with your friends and family. Personalize your style of channel that suits your interests. Read the best stories and journalism from BBC correspondents.

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