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B612 comes from where the romantic little prince lives in the famous book The Little Prince. It is a great self-timer application that reached 20 million downloads within six months after its launch.

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  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
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  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

B612 offers built-in filters, collage modes and video modes, allowing users to shoot, edit and complete photos with just one simple app. Just as its name origin, this app is mysterious and full of cultural atmosphere.

The whole app is simple and fresh to use, you can switch filters sliding around the screen. And B612 also offers collage mode of whatever you like, two, four, nine, horizontal or vertical columns.

B612 also has its watermarks, all of them are well designed and stylised. The app is designed for self-timer, to shoot better and play funnier.

B612 Features:

❍ 1. Selfie videos: a 3 or 6 second video clip with sounds.

❍ 2. Rear camera support: swipe the screen from top to bottom.

❍ 3. Random filters: tap the random button and select your most used filters.

❍ 4. Vignette: darken the borders of photos as the way you like.

❍ 5. Tilt-shift: blur the lines of focus to bring out the true one.

❍ 6. Collage shot: create a 3D picture with different photo collages.

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